Access to Nature DVDs – Spring Sale!

Access to Nature DVDs

If you have not seen the terrific award-winning DVD series “Access to Nature for Older Adults,” this is your chance. To coincide with the Environments for Aging conference, this DVD series is being offered during the month of April at a significant discount (50% off!) for TLN members. We’ll be sending out an email on Tuesday, 4/5 to our members with a keycode to buy the discounted DVDs.

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About the Access to Nature for Older Adults DVDs
The series was developed by Susan Rodiek and colleagues at the Center for Health Systems & Design, Texas A&M University.

This fast-paced and lively set of three half-hour videos includes dramatic images, professional narration, and a rich variety of site photos, 3-D animations, diagrams, sketches, and interviews with senior residents and world-renowned experts on this multidisciplinary topic.

Whether you are a care provider, policy-maker, educator, designer, or consumer advocate, you will learn more about how outdoor access can improve senior health in residential settings, and how to apply these concepts in real-world conditions.

DVD 1: The Value of Nature for Older Adults
Access to nature and the outdoors affects quality of life for older adults – view information on research, health benefits, and interviews with leading experts.

DVD 2: Improving Outdoor Access for Older Adults
Photos, sketches, and 3D models to show how building layouts can impact outdoor use and provides cost- effective solutions for improving outdoor access.

DVD 3: Safe & Usable Outdoor Spaces for Older Adults
The improvement of outdoor features, such as seating, shade, and walkways, are reported by residents to impact their outdoor usage