Quatrefoil, Inc.

Brian Bainnson, Principal
404 SE 80th Avenue
Portland, OR 97215
Telephone: 503.256.8955
Fax: 503.256.3460


Quatrefoil Inc. provides personalized Landscape Architectural and design services for all types of site design, from residential to institutional. Design is client driven to merge program, technical and lifestyle needs.


Alegent Health Lakeside Hospital Healing Garden
Omaha, NE, USA
Indoor Cancer Unit (atrium garden)
The indoor in-patient cancer unit Family Oasis Garden highlights the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water, utilizing toxin free, fire-code compliant, artificial materials to create a supportive garden space for cancer patients and their families.

Marquis Care Centennial
Gresham, OR, USA
Assisted Living Center
Courtyard garden including seasonal plantings, covered activity spaces, raised beds, and therapy walk designed for use by physical therapists.

Marquis Care Forest Grove
Forest Grove, OR, USA
Assisted Living Center
Therapeutic garden for assisted living facility residents and staff.

Projects in Partnership with Legacy Health Systems (

Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
Portland, OR, USA
Oregon Burn Center Garden
Acute Burn Patient Care Garden
Oregon ASLA Award and American Horticultural Therapy Association Garden Design Award Winner
As the first of its kind, the OBC healing garden serves the Pacific Northwest’s regional burn facility, offering physical and emotional support to patients, staff, and family members encountering the trauma of extreme burn wounds. The gardens serve as an active component of patient care and rehabilitation, complete with shade structures, cooling plants, and year-round accessibility.

Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
Portland, OR, USA
Behavioral Health Therapy Garden
Secure Psychiatric Unit Garden
The garden is suited to the particular needs of acute mental health care staff and patients, offering a fully secure outdoor space for patient therapy. All plantings, materials, and site furnishings were chosen to eliminate possibilities for harm, escape, or danger for garden users and accompanying staff. A covered structure and basketball hoop offer year round activity. A fountain constructed and secured to be free of loose components offers therapeutic site and sound of water without compromising safety.

Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
Portland, OR, USA
The Children’s Garden
Activity Pavilion and Upgrades
The garden features whimsical children’s themes throughout, including a looping yellow brick road and engaging garden art and statuary. A brightly colored activity shelter provides space for year round use, seasonal plantings and ongoing garden activities invite families and guests alike to enjoy the retreat from the neighboring hospital facilities, and the garden provides soothing views from the surrounding hallway corridors and patient rooms.

Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center Healing Garden
Tualatin, OR, USA
General Hospital Garden
The outdoor courtyard garden is surrounding by patient rooms, medical offices, the campus cafeteria, and the pediatric physical therapy center. The design offers varied walking surfaces, raised beds, covered structures, activity tables, a water wall and bubbler rock fountain, and specialty plantings including native, stormwater, sensory, children’s, edible, and conifer gardens.

Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center Healing Garden
Gresham, OR, USA
General Hospital Garden
The garden facility offers varied surfaces, raised beds, covered structures, seasonal plantings, a central water features, specialty butterfly, alpine, and native gardens, and a variety of seating spaces for patients and visitors.

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center Stenzel Healing Garden
Portland, OR, USA
Activity Pavilion and Garden Upgrades;
Situated between surrounding medical buildings, the garden offers a variety of supportive therapeutic environments as well as soothing views from surrounding rooms. The most recent addition to the garden is a new covered structure for outdoor activities and year round shelter from the elements.

Portland Memory Garden
Portland, OR, USA
Alzheimer’s Garden
Designed in cooperation with Portland Parks, ASLA, and Center of Design for an Aging Society
The enclosed garden situated inside one of Portland, Oregon’s public parks provides a supportive, safe environment for Alzheimer’s patients and their families and caregivers. The space is accessed from a single point of entry, and a looping path system supports intuitive way finding. Raised beds, walking rails, and world-class plantings offer an accessible and sensory rich visitor experience.

Providence Benedictine Nursing Center
Mt. Angel, OR, USA
Assisted Living Facility Garden
The courtyard garden serves the assisted living center residents, family, and staff, offering four season plantings, a covered structure for sheltered outdoor activity, a central water feature, wide looping path system, and children’s art from the surrounding community incorporated into accessible raised beds.

Providence Elderplace
Gresham, OR, USA
Senior Day Use Center
Therapeutic Garden for community seniors. The garden will features raised beds for active gardening, large and small group gathering areas, and a therapy walk.

Returning Heroes Home Warrior and Family Support Center
Fort Sam Houston
San Antonio, TX, USA
Armed Combat Injury Treatment Facility
The therapeutic garden serves wounded veterans in rehabilitation from extensive burn injuries, loss of limbs, head and internal injuries.

Tuality Healthcare
Hillsboro, OR, USA
Rooftop Therapeutic Garden
Renovated rooftop garden for adult and pediatric in-patient care.

QUADRIGA Landscape Architecture and Planning, Inc.

Marq Truscott, FASLA and Philip Frankl, ASLA
Sacramento office:
2613 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
Telephone: 916.441.2129
Fax: 916.441.2174
Santa Rosa office:
499 Humboldt Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Telephone: 707.546-3561
Fax: 707.527.7548


Quadriga was founded in 1997, and is a firm of 12 landscape architects, planners, and designers who specialize in innovative, functional design solutions. We apply a team approach to respond to the opportunities and challenges presented by each client’s circumstances and each site’s particular landscape character. Under the leadership of five principals, the group uses the insights gained from their collective years of practice to develop functional and aesthetic design work.

Our success stems from experience, insight, and enthusiasm with 8 of our design professionals licensed Landscape Architects. From our offices in Sacramento and Santa Rosa, we apply this energy to a variety of public and private projects throughout Northern and Central California as well as Nevada. Quadriga’s guiding vision ensures that we are always contributing to a legacy of excellent planning and design—a legacy that has always balanced stewardship and a respect for cultural context and spirit of place with solutions that are constructible and financially viable for our clients. At Quadriga, we actualize this vision by combining high professional standards and sound business practices with a dynamic working environment to encourage growth and innovation.

Quadriga strives to apply LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) philosophies whenever possible.


Fair Oaks Horticultural Center (right image)
Fair Oaks, CA, USA
Healing Garden demonstration garden

In 2003, the Fair Oaks Horticultural Center added a new half-acre landscape demonstration garden to their community garden complex. Quadriga’s design for this garden introduces home gardeners to therapeutic and healing plants; as well as water efficiency concepts, native plant use, and sustainable landscaping materials.

An arbor-circled open space serves as classroom for the many instructional events held at the center, and meandering pathways lead visitors past a California native plants garden, a Mediterranean-style garden, perennial flowerbeds, an herb garden, and more. The pathways and other hardscape in the garden display a mix of poured-in-place permeable paving, permeable unit pavers, and colored concrete. The curvilinear low walls allow visitors to interact with both surface-level and raised planting areas, and also serve as seat walls.

This well-executed water efficient landscape, with efficient irrigation throughout, reinforces the teaching and hands-on nature of the Center’s Master Gardener-led classes. The Quadriga team also researched, wrote, and designed the graphics for the demonstration garden’s comprehensive signage.

Sutter Medical Center, Santa Rosa (left image)
Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Acute Care General Hospital
Sensory Viewing Garden

Quadriga is currently designing a new healthcare campus which includes a medical center, physician’s hospital and medical office building. Crucial to the success of the project is the health and well being of the users- as such much thought is put into the design and placement of public areas, gardens and pedestrian way finding on the campus. Sutter Health is committed to providing buildings that meet or exceed LEED certification. Toward that goal, on site storm water is filtered through more sustainable bioswales and plant materials will be selected specifically for low maintenance, fertilizer and water use.

Set on a 25 acre site adjacent to the Wells Fargo Center, the new hospital will be LEED Certified and the grounds are designed to implement the newest stormwater and water conservation ordinances. On this site, way finding and efficient circulation are critical for hospital visitors and those attending events at the Wells Fargo Center. Vehicular and pedestrian movement was studied intently, with the goal of providing as stress free a visit as possible. Signage and plantings were designed to provide both literal and subliminal way finding clues. Tree and vegetation patterns were designed to help guide the visitor through the site.

Outdoor spaces are designed to meet the needs of the hospital staff as well as patients and visitors. The most reflective space- the viewing garden – has seating walls, water features, gabion walls and visually relaxing proportions. The garden can be entered from a ground floor waiting room and can be viewed through the 2 story glass wall. Other outdoor seating areas have space for small to large groups as well as singular occupants. All of the outdoor spaces have a common vernacular of furnishings and materials.

University of California, Davis Student Health and Wellness Center (center image)
Davis, CA, USA
Student Primary Care Facility
Healing Garden

The design for the grounds reflects Quadriga’s sustainability effort through low water use design, tree preservation, permeable paving, and the first green roof on the UC Davis campus. Additionally the design provides students, faculty and visitors the opportunity to reflect in the healing garden and exercise on the circular exercise path.

The new 77,000 square foot Center is a comprehensive facility focused on programs for the student, providing primary care services, specialty clinics, counseling, women’s health, and health education. In addition, the project is designed to meet the UC Davis Green Building Guidelines and is seeking LEED Gold certification.

Professional Engineering Associates, Inc.

2900 E. Grand River Avenue
Howell, Michigan 48843
Phone: 517-546-8583
Fax: 517-546-8973
Contact: Jeffrey T. Smith, RLA, LEED A.P.


Professional Engineering Associates, Inc. (PEA) is an award winning multidisciplinary design firm providing landscape architecture, civil engineering, and surveying services in Michigan and throughout the United States on a broad range of projects. PEA was established in Southeast Michigan in 1947 and has professionals registered to practice in over twenty states. PEA is the Michigan Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architecture “2009 Landscape Architecture Firm of the Year.”

Within the healthcare sector, PEA has provided design services that range from therapeutic garden design to site planning, campus planning, drainage studies, site plan approval and services related to achieving LEED certification. PEA works directly with healthcare providers or with architecture firms as part of a design team. PEA creates functionally successful therapeutic gardens that have elegance and beauty by using their creativity and technical expertise to synthesize complex program requirements with the art of the natural environment. PEA was honored by the Michigan Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architecture as the “Landscape Architecture Firm of the Year” in 2009.


Beaumont Health Center
Royal Oak, MI

Beaumont Medical Center
Lake Orion, MI

Botsford Cancer Center
Farmington Hills, MI

Dearborn Medical Center
Dearborn, MI

Detroit Medical Center, Hutzel Women’s Hospital
Detroit, MI

Great Lakes Cancer Center
Independence Township, MI

Hillsdale Community Health Center
Hillsdale, MI

Huron Medical Center
Bad Axe, MI

McLaren Cancer Center
Independence Township, MI

McLaren Healthcare Village
Garden of Healing and Renewal
Independence Township, MI

Oakwood- South Shore Medical Center
Trenton, MI

St. Pauls Memorial Garden
Brighton, MI

Articles about the Garden of Healing and Renewal

Smith, Jeffrey (2009). “A Healing Garden for the Community.” Medical Construction & Design, November/December.

Smith, Jeffrey (2009). “The Garden of Healing and Renewal – A Public Healing Garden.” The Michigan Landscape, September, Volume 52 , No. 9.

Angell, Richard, Jeffrey Smith, and Lauren Williams (2010). “The Garden of Healing and Renewal, From Concept to Implementation – Bringing a Therapeutic Garden to Life.” The Michigan Landscape, January/February, Volume 53, No 1.

PMA Landscape Architects, Ltd.

224 Wallace Avenue, Suite 321
Toronto ON, Canada M6H 1V7
tel 416-239-9818
fax 417-239-1310


Formed in 1982, PMA is a Toronto-based firm with extensive experience providing complete planning and design services. Known for its professional integrity, creativity and technical knowledge, PMA maintains a manageable size to ensure that these attributes remain at their highest levels. The success of the firm lies in the diverse and complementary skills, expertise, strengths and personalities of the principals and staff.

Central to PMA’s design philosophy is a belief that the entire life cycle of the site should be taken into account. Successful plant establishment, weathering and site ecology are harnessed as design elements to create landscape experiences that are sustainable because they are dynamic and flexible in the long term. 
Maintenance considerations are included at every step of our planning and design process. We design functional, beautiful, and manageable landscapes. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and insistence that our designs get built well. The elegance of our built work is the result of our thorough understanding of the methods and materials of landscape construction and excellent working relationships with builders and craftspeople.

PMA offers professional planning and design expertise combined with construction management and contract administration in the areas of:


Valleyview Long Term Care Facility
St. Thomas, ON, Canada

Allendale Care Facility
Milton, ON, Canada

Elgin Manor Seniors Residence
St. Thomas, ON, Canada

Hillsdale Manor Seniors Residence (pictured above)
Oshawa, ON, Canada

James St. Bonham Residence
Toronto, ON, Canada

Parkview Home
Stouffville, ON, Canada

Lambton Meadowview
Villa Petrolia, ON, Canada

Meadow Croft Place
Toronto, ON, Canada

Nygh Seniors Health Centre
Toronto, ON, Canada

Brampton Civic Hospital
Brampton, ON, Canada

Stone Church Family Health Centre
Hamilton, ON, Canada

Leamington Mennonite Home
Leamington, ON, Canada

Planning Resources Inc.

Keven Graham, ASLA, RLA
402 W. Liberty Drive
Wheaton, IL 60187
Tel: 630-668-3788
Fax: 630-668-4125


Planning Resources Inc. consists of landscape architects, ecologists, and environmental planners known for developing award winning sustainable design solutions. Our staff of design professionals provides services in healthcare design development, landscape architecture design, sustainable planning and landscape management. We also provide a full range of environmental services.

The development of healthcare facilities by PRIs’ staff includes work ranging from site design and entitlement to landscape and healing garden design.

Designing environments for patients must address specific physical and therapeutic needs in addition to visual interest. PRI’s landscape architects understand these needs and have developed gardens and site landscapes that follow evidence-based design (which uses research to support outcome-driven design decisions) and therapeutic benefits of healing gardens. Our staff is well-versed in collaborating with healthcare providers and administrators to provide a united approach.

Our work includes green roof design, LEED evaluation/strategy, landscape architecture, evidence-based design and therapeutic design for hospitals, acute care centers, facility healing gardens, skilled nursing and living centers, retirement communities, residential, Alzheimer and therapeutic gardens.


The Claremont New Skilled Nursing and Living Center
Hanover Park, IL, USA
Grand pergola garden and outdoor living garden for Physical Therapy purposes

Hopedale Acute Care Medical and Rehabilitation Complex
Hopedale, IL, USA
Therapy garden, sustainable landscape, LEED silver certification, environmentally sensitive stormwater management and transportation planning
Visit Planning Resources Inc’s website for more details

The Regency Rehab Center
Niles, IL, USA

VA Illiana Health Care System
Danville, IL; Decatur, IL; Springfield, IL; Matoon, IL; and Lafayette, IN, USA
Facility healing garden master plans

Windsor Park Manor Retirement Community
Carol Stream, IL, USA
Alzheimer’s Garden, landscape design and wetland permitting
Visit Planning Resources Inc’s website for more details

New Eden Landscape Architects

Rosheen Styczinski, FASLA, Principal
2970 North 73rd Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53210
Phone 414.530.1080

Images coming soon


New Eden Landscape Architecture connects people with nature through ecological, sustainable, and beautiful design of outdoor places. We are a collaborative firm, bringing together a team of experts to envision and design environments for healthcare, green roofs, urban public spaces, and homes.

Our portfolio includes hospitals, healing centers and clinics, senior housing, nursing homes, cemeteries, memorials, corporate/institutional properties, green roofs and residential gardens. New Eden offers services from master planning, design to site specific detailing.



Cameo Care Senior Care
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Master plan and landscape plan

Children’s Hospital
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin*
Healing garden

Enderis Park
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Landscape consultant for renovation of neighborhood park and sculpture installation

Franciscan Villa Senior Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)
South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Campus master planning and Alzheimer facility healing garden

Froedtert Hospital
Milwaukee, Wisconsin*
Intensive green roof healing gardens for 2nd and 4th floor courtyards

Milwaukee Fix Building
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Intensive green roof to include urban agriculture, yoga, and other natural healing programs

Prairie Home Cemetery
Waukesha, Wisconsin
Natural burial cemetery committal plaza and memorial

Prairie Home Cemetery
Waukesha, Wisconsin
Children’s Memorial and garden

Roger’s Memorial Hospital
West Allis, Wisconsin*
Healing and therapeutic garden for psychiatric hospital

St. John’s on the Lake Senior Living Center
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Sculpture installation and green roof garden renovation

St. Luke’s Medical Center
Milwaukee, WI
Total campus landscape design, healing garden and intensive green roof

University of Wisconsin Interdisciplinary Research Center
Madison, Wisconsin*
Intensive green roof, healing garden, and campus landscape

Wisconsin Institute of Medical Research
Madison, Wisconsin*
Intensive green roof and courtyard design

*associated with Zimmerman Architectural Studios

Nathan Perkins, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Coordinator
School of Landscape Architecture, University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario N1G 2W1
Telephone: 519.824.4120 ext. 8758


Barnhart, S. and N. H. Perkins (1996). “Behavioural and Environmental Setting Preferences among Staff and Patients.” Homewood Health Centre, Guelph, Ontario.

Barnhart, S. (1996). “Integrating Clinical Program Objectives into a Comprehensive Master Plan for a Psychiatric Hospital.”

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Ferguson, C. and N. H. Perkins (1998). “Hotel Services, Hospitals and Health Care: A Management Model for a Psychiatric Facility.” XVI Congress of the World Association of Social Psychiatry, Vancouver, B.C.

Larsen, L. and N. H. Perkins (1992). “An Assessment of Schizophrenic Patients’ Visual Preferences for Outdoor Environments.” Proceedings, Fourth North American Symposium on Society and Resource Management, Madison, WI.

Yeats, T. “Exploring the Experiential Qualities of Landscape Settings at a Psychiatric Hospital.”

You can find more references by Dr. Perkins on the Resources page.

NAM Planning & Design, LLC

Nancy Minich, HTR, RLA, ASLA Principal, Registered Landscape Architect
& Registered Horticultural Therapist
NAM Planning & Design, LLC
P.O. Box 86
Lahaska, PA 18931
ph: 215.297.0681
c: 267.471.2622


NAM Planning & Design, LLC, established in 2002, is an award-winning landscape architecture and environmental planning firm, located north of Philadelphia. The firm creates healing gardens, restorative environments, and spaces used for horticultural therapy by combining evidence-based design with clinical expertise and an in-depth knowledge of environmental restoration/management, horticulture, and the U.S. healthcare system. NAM is one of a few firms nationally whose principal is both a licensed landscape architect and a registered horticultural therapist.

With over 30 years’ experience, principal, Nancy Minich, HTR, RLA, ASLA, has published articles on healthcare, human ecology and design, and how to work with specific therapeutic populations. She is also a university professor teaching horticultural therapy and is a frequently requested speaker for both healthcare and design affiliated organizations. In addition, she serves on the board of directors of the American Horticultural Therapy Association and provides consulting services. Other professionals with the firm include Donna Dahringer, MLA, MBA, MPP, whose in-depth understanding of the U.S. healthcare system is the product of over 20 years’ experience as a healthcare public policy and business analyst. Her design work focuses on farm and garden wildscaping using ecosystem biomimicry to enhance ecological function and environmental health. The firm has extensive experience collaborating with municipalities, non-profits, and individual landowners and creates inspired designs at scales ranging from master plans to small, detailed garden spaces. NAM staff includes landscape architects and designers, a horticultural therapist, a vocational education teacher, a conservation biologist, and a health care policy planner.


Higbee Park Master Plan Bethlehem, PA

NAM developed the master plan for the 1-acre urban park to accommodate a new Kaboom playground and to incorporate passive recreational areas into the park. Higbee Park was formerly an elementary school until it was razed in the 1970’s and converted to a playground. NAM worked with the Kaboom committee throughout the four month process to incorporate their specific playground planning process into the park master plan. A separate neighborhood meeting was conducted by NAM to present concepts for the park and develop consensus among the residents for the overall park design.

The park master plan strives for a mix of program areas for all ages and abilities and for an increased neighborhood presence. The park layout defines public and private spaces that show signs of neighborhood ownership to deter the vandalism and illicit activities that have occurred historically. Legitimate users experience a sense of welcome with trellises at all three entrances, punctuated by plaza artwork, benches, movable seating, and lawn and landscaped areas. More than 50 percent of the impervious macadam surface was removed and planted with open lawn, and native trees and shrubs. Community gardens and other neighborhood-maintained planting areas are located throughout the park to encourage visibility and ownership of the park. Other site amenities include an accessible path looping through the central and eastern sections of the park. Multipurpose lawns are adjacent to the existing playground and basketball courts and next to the gazebo. A children’s maze winds through the native wildflower meadow to allow children to explore and experience nature. A labyrinth offers mental relaxation and quiet, private space. The plaza area provides much needed shade and passive recreation while it also allows for surveillance down over the playground and lawn areas. All park plantings are native Pennsylvania species and were selected for their ability to increase biodiversity based on D. Tallamy’s twenty most valuable woody plants that support biodiversity in the mid-Atlantic region.

Bucks County Audubon Society Healing Garden New Hope, PA

Since 2014, NAM’s principal had been conducting bimonthly horticultural therapy programs for individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities at Bucks County Audubon Society (BCAS). To further this successful program, NAM developed a grant proposal to design and implement a healing garden at BCAS to address the specific needs of the individuals participating in the program. It was funded by a local private foundation for two consecutive years, and focused on building the healing garden with the individuals in the program and developing a year round program manual of horticultural therapy activities. NAM’s principal utilizes the program as an internship site for horticultural therapy students completing their internship to become registered horticultural therapists.

Delaware Valley University (DVU) Veterans Garden Doylestown, PA

As part of a privately funded grant, NAM worked with Delaware Valley University (DVU) and veterans attending DVU to locate and design a garden to reduce the symptoms of PTSD. Using soft, native flowering trees, shrubs and ground cover, the site was designed to buffer visual and acoustic inputs from passers-by while enhancing sensory stimulation with four seasons of interest. Semi-private spaces were created for additional visual privacy and use by study groups and to reduce some of the symptoms of PTSD such as hyperarousal. In addition, porous brick paving was used to help reduce stormwater runoff and provide DVU and the township with MS4 credits. The garden will be built and enjoyed by veterans and other students at DVU.

Curtis Arboretum Conservation & Landscape Management Plan Cheltenham, PA

Curtis Arboretum is 85 acre township-owned park designed in the 1930’s by the Olmsted Brothers. NAM had a significant role in developing its first management plan, which was funded by PA DCNR and completed in 2016. Responsible for preparing the inventory and assessment of the site, NAM drew attention to its significant natural, cultural, and man-made features, which became the guiding forces in the development of the plan. NAM also identified and evaluated each the tree in the arboretum and designed a brochure highlighting the most significant, in particular, surviving trees planted by the Olmsted Brothers. An Historic American Landscape Survey (HALS) documentation was conducted by NAM and placed in the Library of Congress by the National Park Service in 2017. In addition to these assessments, a collaborative process involving surveys, key person interviews, and steering committee input, resulted in a plan that preserved all the significant features of the site. Guided by stormwater best management practices, the plan also put forth recommendations that addressed Tookany Creek headwater rise at Curtis Arboretum and led to a more sustainable landscape. In 2017, the township was awarded a grant to daylight a first order stream and develop an environmental education area initially designed by NAM in the plan.

School Master Plan Philadelphia, PA

Leading a five member design team from the Community Design Collaborative and working with the Powelton Village Civic Association, NAM developed a master plan for the Powel School in West Philadelphia. The vision for the plan was to engage students at every level – emotionally, socially, physically, and cognitively – while creating a more sustainable site and making the Powel School an even stronger neighborhood asset. The team outlined a strategy for greening the outdated, paved schoolyard in phases, starting with a habitat garden, vegetable garden, and an outdoor classroom. Deliverables included a detailed report outlining the implementation process and detailed illustrations of each specific garden area.

Playwicki Farm Accessible Trail Plan Lower Southampton Township, PA

Funded in part by a PA-DCNR grant, NAM created a 3.2 mile trail system at Playwicki Farm, a 110 acre site made up of important historic and natural resources. The system was designed to accommodate all ages and abilities by providing a selection of trails with various levels of accessibility, including: a paved ADA accessible walking and jogging trail through an orchard and meadow with wide, scenic views; a preservation trail through woodlands with views of wildflowers, a limestone quarry, creek and limekiln; a wetlands trail along the creek; and meadow and wildlife trails. Using GPS and GIS mapping technology, a color coded map was generated to provide visitors information on the location, level of difficulty, and surface material of all the trails making up the system. The paved 1.1 mile walking trail through the meadow area is highly used by residents in the area.

Project management of community service individuals in construction of riparian buffers NAM provided opportunities for youths with behavioral and mental health issues to participate in more than 60 municipal streambank restorations projects over a 15 year period. Youths were from a private organization and court-ordered to perform community service. NAM provided training in specific restoration installation tasks such as measuring areas, removing invasive plants, tree and shrub planting, and installing deer fencing. In addition, individuals were taught to focus on project tasks, and work with others appropriately. NAM staff provided the structured support in conjunction with community service counselors. When individuals returned to their facility, counselors reported attenuation of disruptive behaviors and more engaged group discussion of how to work with others.

Consulting Services NAM also provides consulting services which include: healthcare garden assessment and management; horticultural therapy program development and implementation; staff and volunteer training for allied professionals as well as in-service/workshops; and educational services that include vocational training and development of educational materials, signage, and way-finding systems.


Stan Cowan, Principal
2001 North Lamar Street, Suite 100
Dallas, Texas 75202
Phone: 214.871.0568
Fax: 214.871.1507


MESA is an award winning Landscape Architecture, Planning, and Urban Design firm based in Dallas, Texas. For over 30 years, we have enhanced public and private spaces and created opportunities for recreation, education, and community, both locally and internationally. Our portfolio ranges from intimate garden spaces to large-scale, comprehensive, master-planning projects. We create with the understanding that what we do must be worthy of future generations.


T. Boone Pickens Hospice and Palliative Care Center
Dallas, TX, USA
Hospice Facility

The Legacy at Willowbend
Plano, TX, USA
Senior Living Facility

Franklin Park Alamo Heights
San Antonio, TX, USA
Senior Living Facility

Parkland Simmons Ambulatory Surgery Center
Dallas, TX, USA
Ambulatory Surgery Center

Richardson Medical Center
Richardson, TX, USA
Physician Pavilion

Tuscan Professional Building
Las Colinas, TX, USA
Medical Office Building

Mahan Rykiel Associates, Inc.

Steve Kelly, PLA Associate Principal
800 Wyman Park Drive, Suite 100
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
Phone: 410.235.6001
Fax: 410.235.6002


Mahan Rykiel Associates, Inc. has a special interest and expertise in designing landscape spaces for therapeutic settings. Our portfolio includes hospital gardens, green roofs- both extensive and intensive, memory support gardens, and a variety of gardens for senior living. These gardens are designed with the assumption that contact with nature can be a restorative event, where patients, residents, staff, and families all benefit from the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors – even when that may only involve a window with a view. Designing comfortable, familiar, and safe outdoor environments is not only an important quality of life element, current research now shows that medical outcomes can also improve in measurable ways.

Mahan Rykiel Associates offers thoughtful landscape design from master planning to site specific detailing. Sustainability, selection of appropriate materials, and responsible stewardship are fundamental to MRA’s design approach. With 15 LEED Accredited Professionals on our staff, we embrace the environmentally sound practices this process underscores – particularly in the healthcare environment. Please visit our website at



Anne Arundel Medical Center
Annapolis, Maryland
Healing Garden and Master Plan

Baltimore/Washington Medical Center
Annapolis, Maryland
Healing Garden

Calvert Memorial Hospital
Prince Frederick, Maryland
Healing Garden

Chesterbrook Residences
McLean, Virginia

Collington Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)
Mitchellville, MD
Dementia Garden

Ginger Cove Health Center Garden
Annapolis, Maryland

The Heritage at Brentwood
Brentwood, Tennessee

Kennedy Krieger Institute Outpatient Facility
Baltimore, Maryland
Therapeutic Garden

Mercy Medical Center Mary Catherine Bunting Center
Baltimore, Maryland
Rooftop Gardens

Providence Hospital
Washington D.C.
Healing Garden

Sibley Memorial Hospital
Washington D.C.
Memorial Healing Garden

St. Luke’s Hospital Master Plan
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

UMMS Weinberg Building
Baltimore, Maryland
Interior garden / atrium

Kennedy Krieger Institute Outpatient Center
Baltimore, Maryland
Therapeutic Garden

Westminster Canterbury Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)
Virginia Beach, VA