Back to School: Healthcare Garden Design Certification Program at Chicago Botanic Garden

When designers and people in health and human services ask me what they can do to get better educated about healthcare garden design, I usually point them to the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Healthcare Garden Design Professional Development Certificate Program. One of my early posts, “Education in Healthcare Design,” listed it, along with other good programs, but CBG is worth mentioning again because registration for 2009 (May 6-13) is now open, and because Anne Hunt, a Chicago-based writer and recent graduate of the program, recently wrote an article about it and has just sent me the pdf, which you can link to HERE. To see more images of the Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital Rooftop Garden mentioned in Hunt’s article, go to the site.

Here’s a little teaser from Anne Hunt’s article:


The Chicago Botanic Garden’s Healthcare Garden Design certification course offers a unique opportunity to understand the multi-faceted nature of healthcare garden design and expand and improve professional services.

The intensive 8-day program brings together landscape design professionals, architects and interior designers, therapists, nurses and recreation specialists, healthcare marketers, administrators and consultants. Specialists in all of these areas share research, experience, business savvy and a passion for healing gardens with participants, who themselves bring a variety of backgrounds to the table.