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Courtesy of Michael Leunig,

Cartoon by Michael Leunig,

Wow, I’m impressed. Yesterday afternoon, Sarah Koschak, Director at Listening Earth, posted this cartoon by Michael Leunig on Richard Louv‘s Facebook page. I saw it, loved it, and immediately shared on the Therapeutic Landscapes Network’s Facebook page.

Before I went to bed, the cartoon had over 50 “likes,” a record for the TLN FB page. 18 hours later, it has received 130 likes and 80 “shares” (people posting to other people’s walls or pages). Now, still less than 24 hours later, there 168 likes and 96 shares.

If you’re not into social media, this may not mean much to you, and I grant you that it’s a bit ironic that all of this happens through our various devices, including probably Facebook apps on iPhones, etc., but nevertheless…wow! So, what about this struck such a chord with people? What resonates so strongly? I’d love comments from you.