Blog comments are balm for the soul, especially this one

Tulips at Stonecrop Gardens, May 2008

Thanks very much to Brenda for her blog comment yesterday. It made my day. These tulips are for you! 

I have heard of garden therapy (it’s going to be my career in my next life), but had never heard the term ‘therapeutic landscapes.’ What an exciting concept! I am looking forward to learning a LOT from this site. In my experience as a caregiver, the landscape of illness is cheap mauve wallpaper, harsh fluouescent light, plastic and steel, with the occasional withered artificial plant stuck in a corner. The very notion of a ‘therapeutic landscape’ is so compassionate and revolutionary that it makes me want to cry! Love the Van Gogh quote, too… 

To see the Van Gogh quote mentioned, go to The Therapeutic Landscapes Network’s main site,