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Dinep + Schwab Landscape Architecture | Ecological Design

Claudia Dinep, Kristin Schwab

Dinep + Schwab is a landscape architecture and ecological design firm based in Connecticut and Rhode Island. We are the co-authors of Sustainable Site Design: Criteria, Process and Case Studies for Integrating Site and Region in Landscape Design, a book published by Wiley & Sons, which forged our close working relationship and expertise in sustainable design. We specialize in creating living landscapes that promote both ecological and human health.

Dinep + Schwab is dedicated to mission-based clients whose goals are resilient landscapes designed for human access, comfort, and experience. We resolve complex sites and create value and identity in landscapes large and small. Our expertise is considering the total healthcare environment and how it contributes to wellness, safety, and peace of mind-- from the parking and entry sequence to the views out from windows. But in the larger context, health and wellness is not only the purview of healthcare facilities. Our goal is to bring the therapeutic and healing qualities of landscapes into all human environments.

Claudia Dinep has practiced landscape architecture and ecological design for over twenty years, with a rich portfolio of built work which has most recently been focused in healthcare environments. Kristin Schwab has over thirty years’ experience in private and academic practice, community engagement, and research in landscape architecture.


Cone Health Cancer Center
The Healing Garden
Greensboro, North Carolina
Size: 1.1 acres
Budget: $1M
Completed: 2015

This new destination on the hospital campus adds a unique dimension to the healing power of the Cancer Treatment Center. The Cancer Center, located along the Buffalo Creek, is adjacent to a federally regulated wetland that functions as biofiltration for seven acres of stormwater runoff from surrounding paved areas. This dynamic hydrologic system was re-visioned as a garden space for patients, families and staff. New accessible boardwalks, a bridge, a restored stream channel, restored wetland, a retrofitted biocell, and a native grassland meadow now populate this once barren wilderness. [w/Studio Pagliai, MWM Construction]

Cone Health Wesley Long Hospital
Arrival Renovation
Greensboro, North Carolina
Size: 0.7 acres
Budget: $900,000
Completed: 2016

This arrival sequence renovation for a busy regional hospital enhances pedestrian and vehicular accessibility, comfort and experience. New shaded arrival and seating areas, generous benches, pedestrian scale lighting, and lush plantings combine to create a welcoming and unified look. Special attention to pavement types, texture and color cues provide additional safety, way-finding and orientation features separating vehicle and pedestrian traffic in this busy entry. Decking over graded areas provides level areas for wheelchair use. [w/Reaves|Dinep, Brasfield & Gorrie]

Hospice & Palliative Care of Greensboro
The Lusk Center Campus
Greensboro, North Carolina
Size: 7 acres
Budget: $300,000
Completed: 2013

This award-winning Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro administrative campus was designed to align with the organization's mission of access, comfort and care. The central landscape element is a richly planted and flexible terrace space visible and accessible from training and conference rooms and sited within the context of a native meadow. Additional intimately scaled terraces and walkways with native, low maintenance planting of intense seasonal interest provide contemplative areas for daily use by visitors and staff. The spaces are designed to combine for tenting during large fundraising and memorial functions. The dramatic backdrop of the adjacent historic industrial mill and native meadow on this brownfield site, served as inspiration for the native low-maintenance planting palette. [w/TFF Architects, Reaves|Dinep]


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