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Julie Moore

Modern Landscape Designers
291 County Road 30
Fenelon Falls ON K0M 1N0, Canada
Tel: 289-314-5736


Julie Moore is the founder and visionary of Modern Landscape Designers group. She’s a graduate from Ryerson University in Toronto and has received the prestigious Award from Canada Blooms for Outstanding Use of Innovative Elements in a Garden 2016 with her Show Garden: The Stingray Garden Her work focuses on contemporary Design Concept for residential or commercial landscape projects as well as Healthcare Landscape Design.

Inspired by both modern landscape architecture and traditional French & English gardens, Julie is known for heartfelt concepts displaying simplicity of form, harmonious proportions and naturalistic approach. From a therapeutic perspective, Julie always had healer qualities and has worked as a Zen Shiatsu Therapist for many years. Over time, she developed a serious passion for creating Healing and Therapeutic Gardens.

Her creative planting style aims at sustainable landscapes which emanate beauty and require low maintenance. Her original garden themes reflect the energy and life-story of her clients. With passion, Julie transforms your space into landscapes you love. Her design solutions convey the luxury of space, beauty of nature and inspire calm and relaxation.

Her work is about artistic expression, based on intuitive feelings which often start with an emotion. Too many gardens are just a meaningless collection of plants… Julie excels at understanding your specific needs and providing you with clever design solutions that expresses who you are and how you want to feel when you step into your garden…

Julie Moore offers landscape design consultation, concept development, project management and construction services. She’s the lead designer at Modern Landscape Designers and an active member of the Toronto Botanical Gardens, The Royal Horticulture Society in England as well as a member of the Therapeutic Landscapes Network in United States.;


Auberge sur la Côte | The White Gratitude Garden - Concept
Summer Inn with 11 rooms – Centre de Villégiature / Eco-Relaxation Resort, in Charlevoix, Québec, Canada
Type of Garden: Peaceful courtyard garden: Based on the history of this house and life story of the present owner, I have invented an original theme that revolves around “Women’s Love”. One of the gardens is The White Garden to honor and remember Mrs. Binsse, who in 1905 managed the construction of her summer residence with the Architect Oscar R. Smith.

The Relaxation Garden – Concept
Residential Private Garden in Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Type of Garden: Courtyard garden and sensory garden: This healing garden design is therapeutic, safe and uplifting through simplicity... This restorative space displays a purpose of fun relaxation within a relatively small outdoor space. This unique relaxation garden concept offers the following features:

  • Meditative promenade on the aggregate path (periphery)
  • Spacious central opened space for doing exercises such as Yoga
  • Privacy, wind protection and four seasons appeal with the edge of evergreen trees (on the left side of the garden)
  • Gentle aromatherapy planting of lavender and low maintenance boxwood shrubs (on the right side of the garden)
  • Fashionable and comfortable chairs for reading, day-dreaming or afternoon nap (we all need one of these ;)
  • Noise filtration and soothing sound of the water fountain to facilitate a good state of relaxation
  • Ecology friendly with Rain harvesting pavement
  • Cozy evening lighting with solar powered lanterns.

Centre for Mental Health | The Oneness Garden Project – Proposal Development
Mental Health Hospital in Ontario Canada
Type of Garden: The Oneness Garden would provide a greater and safer access to nature by creating evidence-base Therapeutic Garden to promote stress reduction for patients, visitors, and staff. The garden design would inspire deep connections with the “Now” and stimulate the pleasant and peaceful feeling of being “One” with the universe.

We are at an early stage with this project. As a professional, if you are interested in collaboration feel free to contact Julie Moore 289-314-5736.


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291 County Road 30 Fenelon Falls ON K0M 1N0, Canada

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