PMA Landscape Architects, Ltd.

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PMA Landscape Architects, Ltd.

224 Wallace Avenue, Suite 321
Toronto ON, Canada M6H 1V7
tel 416-239-9818
fax 417-239-1310


Formed in 1982, PMA is a Toronto-based firm with extensive experience providing complete planning and design services. Known for its professional integrity, creativity and technical knowledge, PMA maintains a manageable size to ensure that these attributes remain at their highest levels. The success of the firm lies in the diverse and complementary skills, expertise, strengths and personalities of the principals and staff.

Central to PMA’s design philosophy is a belief that the entire life cycle of the site should be taken into account. Successful plant establishment, weathering and site ecology are harnessed as design elements to create landscape experiences that are sustainable because they are dynamic and flexible in the long term. 
Maintenance considerations are included at every step of our planning and design process. We design functional, beautiful, and manageable landscapes. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and insistence that our designs get built well. The elegance of our built work is the result of our thorough understanding of the methods and materials of landscape construction and excellent working relationships with builders and craftspeople.

PMA offers professional planning and design expertise combined with construction management and contract administration in the areas of:


Valleyview Long Term Care Facility
St. Thomas, ON, Canada

Allendale Care Facility
Milton, ON, Canada

Elgin Manor Seniors Residence
St. Thomas, ON, Canada

Hillsdale Manor Seniors Residence (pictured above)
Oshawa, ON, Canada

James St. Bonham Residence
Toronto, ON, Canada

Parkview Home
Stouffville, ON, Canada

Lambton Meadowview
Villa Petrolia, ON, Canada

Meadow Croft Place
Toronto, ON, Canada

Nygh Seniors Health Centre
Toronto, ON, Canada

Brampton Civic Hospital
Brampton, ON, Canada

Stone Church Family Health Centre
Hamilton, ON, Canada

Leamington Mennonite Home
Leamington, ON, Canada


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224 Wallace Avenue, Suite 321 Toronto ON, Canada M6H 1V7

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