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Quatrefoil, Inc.

Brian Bainnson, Principal
404 SE 80th Avenue
Portland, OR 97215
Telephone: 503.256.8955
Fax: 503.256.3460


Quatrefoil Inc. provides personalized Landscape Architectural and design services for all types of site design, from residential to institutional. Design is client driven to merge program, technical and lifestyle needs.


Alegent Health Lakeside Hospital Healing Garden
Omaha, NE, USA
Indoor Cancer Unit (atrium garden)
The indoor in-patient cancer unit Family Oasis Garden highlights the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water, utilizing toxin free, fire-code compliant, artificial materials to create a supportive garden space for cancer patients and their families.

Marquis Care Centennial
Gresham, OR, USA
Assisted Living Center
Courtyard garden including seasonal plantings, covered activity spaces, raised beds, and therapy walk designed for use by physical therapists.

Marquis Care Forest Grove
Forest Grove, OR, USA
Assisted Living Center
Therapeutic garden for assisted living facility residents and staff.

Projects in Partnership with Legacy Health Systems (www.legacyhealth.org):

Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
Portland, OR, USA
Oregon Burn Center Garden
Acute Burn Patient Care Garden
Oregon ASLA Award and American Horticultural Therapy Association Garden Design Award Winner
As the first of its kind, the OBC healing garden serves the Pacific Northwest’s regional burn facility, offering physical and emotional support to patients, staff, and family members encountering the trauma of extreme burn wounds. The gardens serve as an active component of patient care and rehabilitation, complete with shade structures, cooling plants, and year-round accessibility.


Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
Portland, OR, USA
Behavioral Health Therapy Garden
Secure Psychiatric Unit Garden
The garden is suited to the particular needs of acute mental health care staff and patients, offering a fully secure outdoor space for patient therapy. All plantings, materials, and site furnishings were chosen to eliminate possibilities for harm, escape, or danger for garden users and accompanying staff. A covered structure and basketball hoop offer year round activity. A fountain constructed and secured to be free of loose components offers therapeutic site and sound of water without compromising safety.

Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
Portland, OR, USA
The Children’s Garden
Activity Pavilion and Upgrades
The garden features whimsical children’s themes throughout, including a looping yellow brick road and engaging garden art and statuary. A brightly colored activity shelter provides space for year round use, seasonal plantings and ongoing garden activities invite families and guests alike to enjoy the retreat from the neighboring hospital facilities, and the garden provides soothing views from the surrounding hallway corridors and patient rooms.

Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center Healing Garden
Tualatin, OR, USA
General Hospital Garden
The outdoor courtyard garden is surrounding by patient rooms, medical offices, the campus cafeteria, and the pediatric physical therapy center. The design offers varied walking surfaces, raised beds, covered structures, activity tables, a water wall and bubbler rock fountain, and specialty plantings including native, stormwater, sensory, children’s, edible, and conifer gardens.

Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center Healing Garden
Gresham, OR, USA
General Hospital Garden
The garden facility offers varied surfaces, raised beds, covered structures, seasonal plantings, a central water features, specialty butterfly, alpine, and native gardens, and a variety of seating spaces for patients and visitors.

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center Stenzel Healing Garden
Portland, OR, USA
Activity Pavilion and Garden Upgrades;
Situated between surrounding medical buildings, the garden offers a variety of supportive therapeutic environments as well as soothing views from surrounding rooms. The most recent addition to the garden is a new covered structure for outdoor activities and year round shelter from the elements.

Portland Memory Garden
Portland, OR, USA
Alzheimer’s Garden
Designed in cooperation with Portland Parks, ASLA, and Center of Design for an Aging Society
The enclosed garden situated inside one of Portland, Oregon’s public parks provides a supportive, safe environment for Alzheimer’s patients and their families and caregivers. The space is accessed from a single point of entry, and a looping path system supports intuitive way finding. Raised beds, walking rails, and world-class plantings offer an accessible and sensory rich visitor experience.


Providence Benedictine Nursing Center
Mt. Angel, OR, USA
Assisted Living Facility Garden
The courtyard garden serves the assisted living center residents, family, and staff, offering four season plantings, a covered structure for sheltered outdoor activity, a central water feature, wide looping path system, and children’s art from the surrounding community incorporated into accessible raised beds.

Providence Elderplace
Gresham, OR, USA
Senior Day Use Center
Therapeutic Garden for community seniors. The garden will features raised beds for active gardening, large and small group gathering areas, and a therapy walk.

Returning Heroes Home Warrior and Family Support Center
Fort Sam Houston
San Antonio, TX, USA
Armed Combat Injury Treatment Facility
The therapeutic garden serves wounded veterans in rehabilitation from extensive burn injuries, loss of limbs, head and internal injuries.

Tuality Healthcare
Hillsboro, OR, USA
Rooftop Therapeutic Garden
Renovated rooftop garden for adult and pediatric in-patient care.


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