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Studio Sprout Inc.

Roy-Fisher Associates
Connie Roy-Fisher, Principal
Mailing address: PO Box 420, Jupiter, FL 33468
Physical location: 18761 131st Trail North, Jupiter, FL 33478
Phone: (561) 747-3462
Fax: (561) 747-0281


Studio Sprout, Inc. is dedicated to evidence-based design and sustainability. Connie Roy-Fisher, ASLA founded our design studio in 1983 and has a history of achievement and recognition for her work on public and private projects. Connie frequently lectures on evidence-based healthcare design and sustainable landscape techniques for South Florida. The firm works as both prime consultant and as part of an integrated interdisciplinary team offering expert advice on built projects of distinction.

Studio Sprout believes that a restorative environment is crafted by a careful arrangement of a variety of sensory, psychological and natural stimuli in an effort to:

  • Bring the visitor to the moment by connecting to something outside the body (a sensory experience or connection with nature)
  • Bring the visitor to an awareness of an environment bigger than “the problem” to regain a sense of perspective and control (psychological stimuli)

Studio Sprout strives to incorporate features that are the right choice considering each unique patient population through evidence based design. Landscapes for Healing incorporate features shown to be beneficial through past research and are tested in post occupancy evaluations. SPROUT collaborates with caregivers, patients, families and integrated design teams to design supportive, safe, and accessible outdoor spaces

Hanley Center Master Plan
West Palm Beach, FL, USA
The Hanley Center is a not for profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. A 12-step garden associated with the wellness center focuses on themes and metaphors associated with the recovery process.The Master Plan incorporates walking paths with sensory plant material, a walking meditation garden associated with a chapel, labyrinth, ropes course, horticultural therapy areas, butterfly garden and outdoor patios.

Hanley Resource Center
West Palm Beach, FL, USA
The Hanley Resource Center is the hub of community outreach for the Hanley Center. The Resource Center holds classes for families and corporations. Several outdoor spaces accommodate a variety of group sizes in a relaxed setting, surrounded by lush plantings. The spaces were carefully detailed to provide shelter and shade including moveable furniture, leafy tree canopies and a trellis with vines for shade and privacy. A large garden area adjacent to a popular inspirational book store encourages reading outdoors, small staff gatherings, and private meetings with a mentor in a restorative setting. A smaller area directly adjacent to classrooms provides a space for students to refresh during break. The site landscaping mitigates traffic noise and bermed plantings of native, xeric and low maintenance plant material distract from a nearby busy road.

Jupiter Medical Center Emergency Room
Jupiter, FL, USA
Jupiter Medical Center is an acute care hospital. This garden provides a comfortable outdoor alternative to the indoor waiting room. Lush tropical plantings provide a variety of colors and textures, a bubbling fountain provides a pleasant distraction from the stresses associated with acute care. Visitors are protected from sun and rain by a canopy cover, breezes are supplemented by outdoor fans and vending machines provide the opportunity for refreshment.

Jupiter Medical Center Pavilion Master Plan
Jupiter, FL , USA
A series of connected gardens at this 120-bed nursing and rehabilitation facility emphasizes four therapeutic outcomes:

  1. Sense of Control - Residents can choose whether to sit in the sun or shade, in groups or alone. Curved pathways unify the outdoor areas and allow residents to choose where and how far into the gardens they wish to explore.
  2. Exposure to Nature - A bird garden, raised water garden, and plantings along a large pond provide wildlife habitat. A raised gazebo is oriented to feel the predominant southeast breezes. Eighty-percent of bedroom windows have views to a designed outdoor space for residents unable to venture outside.
  3. Exercise - Paths encourage patients and staff to stroll or explore in their wheelchairs. Benches, fountains, and small sculptures provide subtle "goals" to reach.
  4. Social Support - Spatial considerations for wheelchairs allow residents to meet outside with family and friends. Please visit to view a plan, pictures and an extensive post occupancy evaluation of this project.

Jupiter Medical Center Pavilion Butterfly Garden
Jupiter, FL. USA
The Pavilion Butterfly Garden was the first of a series of garden spaces developed at this Nursing Home facility. The butterfly garden featured a trellis, a variety plantings that attract butterflies and a fountain for residents to view from their indoor dining room.

Jupiter Medical Center Pavilion Pond Restoration
Jupiter, FL, USA
This project at a Rehabilitation and Nursing Home Facility was funded by a local grant to improve water quality. The perimeter of the retention pond was planted with native plantings that provides habitat for waterfowl as well as screens an unattractive parking lot. A spray fountain cools an adjacent patio that is a favorite gathering place for residents to relax and enjoy the wildlife associated with the pond setting.

Jupiter Medical Center
Jacqueline Fiske Healing Garden

Jupiter, FL, USA
The idea for a healing garden began with the Director of the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center. She thought that if her patients could look at something other than blank walls, they would be more inclined to exercise. Through a program called Johnny Apple Seed, hospital staff and volunteers donated close to $20,000. Part of this seed money enabled the development of preliminary plans. The plans were mounted on a sign to request further funding for the garden. In 2002, Guy Fiske visited the hospital with his wife, Jacqueline, saw the sign and offered to fund the garden as a Valentine’s gift to her. She accepted. Through the Fiskes’ generosity, not only was the garden construction funded, but an escrow account was established for long term maintenance.

The goal of the Jacqueline Fiske Healing Garden is to foster the physical, mental and spiritual restoration of patients, visitors and staff by distracting from the medical setting. A series of garden spaces connected by paths create a tranquil and sheltered environment. The garden can be seen from inside the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center exercise room and offers an alternative outdoor route between hospital units. Seating areas for visitors, patients and staff seamlessly incorporate elements that can be used in rehabilitation therapy.
The garden has several special features. The central focus is a calming pool of water that can be touched and provides a soothing sound. A sculpture of a pair of rising herons by a local artist provides a healing metaphor in the fountain. A transplanted 40’ live oak gives a sense of permanency as well as shade. A large arbor provides a sheltered meeting place and a shaded transition area from indoors. The Jacqueline Fiske Healing Garden received an award of excellence from the Florida Association of Landscape Architects. Please visit our website for a plan, pictures and to review a post occupancy evaluation of this project.

Jupiter Medical Center
Jacqueline Fiske Garden of Hope

Jupiter, FL
The Garden of Hope is cradled between a meditative lake and cancer center views. A series of spaces accommodate support group gatherings and provide private spaces for quiet reflection amidst a calm lake setting. A Seven-Point Vessica Pattern represents the interconnection of all life and provides a gathering place for meditative exercises. An adjacent shaded patio accommodates outdoor yoga and group meetings. A lush variety of plants creates a sensory environment that attracts wildlife and provides a positive distraction. SPROUT Roy-Fisher Associates facilitated focus groups with patients and staff to identify garden elements that support the emotional needs of individuals with cancer and incorporate the garden into support group programming. Patients preferred two spiritual archetypal landscapes - the promontory (extension) and the harbor (embracing) - which informed the design. Please visit our website for pictures and a plan of this project.

Mollie Wilmot Center
West Palm Beach, FL, USA
A welcoming environment that is attractive and intriguing to children complements this medical facility’s state-funded program for underserved children. Topiary wildlife hangs from trees for patients on gurneys to observe on their arrival. Colorful fish in waves of native grasses greet children from the parking lot. A proposed canopy and shade structure over a play area will provide protection from the sun and rain. A future bubble garden will let play elements "float" to children in wheelchairs in an area that also attracts butterflies with specialized plantings. Raised vegetable gardens will be used in diabetes education classes.

Views from the adjacent lobby attract patients, visitors, and staff outside, alleviating an overcrowded waiting room. A stained glass window provides a nature setting in a quiet room overlooking a trickling water feature in the garden. The connection with nature provides a pleasant distraction from treatments. Please visit our website for pictures and a plan of this project.


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