Ferns Unfurling

There is something irrefutably life-affirming about spring. We’re well into it now, but a couple weeks ago at Stonecrop Gardens, evidence of spring’s emergence (and winter’s retreat! hurrah!) was everywhere. Ferns unfurling, hostas uncurling, tulips laughing out loud. 

My great-aunt, who is 92 and was visiting from Atlanta, braved the chilly day to admire our northeast flora. She is lucky to live in a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) that has lovely gardens, an evenly paved path that winds around a pond (four times around the pond is a mile, and she walks it almost every day), and access to the trails at Stone Mountain. They also have a greenhouse and a few raised beds that always have a waiting list. Some residents plant flowers, others herbs and vegetables. A year ago I helped her plant perennials that she could use as cut flowers, and she reports that they are all alive and well, providing plenty of blooms for her vases or to share with friends. It’s a great model; alas, like many CCRCs, they don’t have a website that I can refer you to. Do they think that elders and their children don’t use the web, or what? Lots of other other good examples, though. Will post some in the future.