Free Delivery! The TLN Blog, Emailed to You

Photo by Naomi Sachs

Silly me: After all this time since moving to the our TLN Blog url, I only just realized that I haven’t been getting TLN Blog posts emailed to me since the move. I thought it would be automatic, but I was wrong! So, if you, too, have been feeling a certain lack of lustre in your life, it’s probably because you haven’t been getting your usual TLN Blog posts, either. And it’s not because we haven’t been posting; it’s because you need to sign up at this new site. Just look for “Subscribe to the TLN Blog” in the column to your right, and sign up.* Easy, and you’ll once again start receiving posts delivered to your virtual doorstep. And of course, if you never signed up to begin with, perhaps this post will inspire you to do so. It’s easier than trying to remember to check the blog, and many people have commented to us that for the beautiful images alone, they enjoy seeing our posts appear in their email inbox.

*Please note that there are two sign-up forms. One is for the TLN Blog, mentioned above, and one is for the free TLN Newsletter. Why not sign up for both?