Garden “woo-woo” – A Video from Margaret Roach

Hosta and European ginger

Hosta and European ginger in Margaret Roach's garden

Because mixing things up is always a good idea (okay, almost always), I’m interrupting my thesis on gardens in healthcare for some eye candy with a message: Margaret Roach’s first video, in which she explains the meaning of the “woo-woo” in her tagline, “horticultural how-to and woo-woo.” It’s a gorgeous video, with lots of images from Margaret’s garden that will make you feel good just to look at (unless you get jealous, but that’s a risk you’re just going to have to take). What really impressed me was what she has to say, which, if you’re reading this blog and are a member of the TLN, will almost certainly resonate . Gardening was Margaret’s first spiritual practice, and it’s often a humbling experience. I especially love her description of the picnics during the cherry blossom festival in Japan. People gather as the blossoms begin to shatter and fall, because it “reminds them of the ephemeral nature of everything beautiful and important, including our own human lives.” If you don’t yet know Margaret Roach, consider this your introduction. She was the garden editor and then editorial director at ‘Martha Stewart Magazine’ for 15 years, and now spends most of her time in upstate New York, gardening and writing. Her blog, A Way to Garden, is always a pleasure to see and read and often has great horticultural information as well. I had the pleasure of seeing this little piece of paradise in May at a “garden tweet-up” (Twitter meet-up, when a bunch of garden and horticulture geeks get together and ooh and aah and speak a lot of genus-and-species Latin), and these are a couple of the pictures that I took on that lovely day. You can view the video on Margaret’s blog – Enjoy!