Guest Blog Post: Book Review of Esther Sternberg’s ‘Healing Spaces.’

I’m not sure if this counts as a “guest blog post,” because I didn’t actually ask Jason King, our guest, if he wanted to contribute. But I have just read his post about Dr. Esther Sternberg’s new book Healing Spaces: The Science and Place of Well-Being, which I’ve been meaning to review as well. Jason’s review is so thoughtful and well-written that I’d rather just turn the spotlight over to him. Jason King is a landscape architect and a colleague who has been interested in this field of health and landscape architecture for a long time. His own blog, Landscape + Urbanism, is an excellent resource. So, click HERE to link to Jason King’s review of Healing Spaces on his blog, Landscape + Urbanism; you get a bonus video of Sternberg discussing the book in her own words.
Postscript: I’ve just been in touch with Dr. Sternberg and will be interviewing her on Friday, so check back for that on the blog sometime next week.