“Healing Environment” vs. “Healthy Environment”

Okay, I know it was three months ago, but I just came across this interesting discussion on the terminology of “healing environments” vs. “healthy environments” from the Center for Health Design Bloghttp://www.healthdesign.org/blog/234.phpPlus it gives me the excuse to post another picture from Maine:) 

Substituting the word “garden” for “environment” (“healing gardens” vs. “healthy gardens”) helped to clarify it for me. We in the landscape architecture and healthcare design community are still searching for one overarching term and definition for outdoor spaces that promote and facilitate health and well-being. I often use the term “Landscapes for Health” because 
1. It is broad enough to cover any outdoor (and even some indoor) spaces; 
2. It can mean a designed or totally “natural” landscape; and 
3. It can include both passive and active enjoyment of and benefit from contact with nature (e.g., just sitting on the rocks above, breathing in the fresh air and salt water, or gardening at a hospital as part of a horticultural therapy program). 

What say you, dear reader? Healing garden, restorative landscape, landscape for health – what term do you think best sums it all up?