Hot Off the Press: ASLA Healthcare and Therapeutic Design Newsletter

The ASLA Healthcare and Therapeutic Design Professional Practice Network is pretty much the closest thing we have right now to a national organization for outdoor healthcare design. 
They’ve just released the new newsletter, and it’s a good one: You can access all of the newsletters on the HTD PPN site:

I hope to go into more detail about some of the articles in the future, but here are some highlights:
  • The DreamTree Project, a garden for at-risk homeless youth in New Mexico; 
  • Notes from the 2007 HTD PPN Field Session, in which newsletter editor Sally Shute interviews event organizers Jack Carman and P. Annie Kirk;
  • Book review of Susan Rodiek and Benyamin Schwarz’s new book The Role of the Outdoors in Residential Environments for the Aging;
  • An article on Sharon’s Sensory Garden, a garden for the visually and physically impaired in Mendon, NY;
  • An article about the Firefighters Tree Living Memorial at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.