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Prothonotary warbler, courtesy Henry Domke Fine Art

Ah, the lonely life of the long-distance blogger. We sit in our offices or houses or cafes, typing away, sending off missives that – we hope – others will read and be informed or amused or inspired by. For me, as Director of the Therapeutic Landscapes Network, blogging is a way to convey the most current information, research, and news about landscapes for health. The blog keeps things fresh. It also makes me feel more connected with the far-flung international community of designers, health and human service providers, scholars, and others interested in this exciting and rewarding field of therapeutic landscapes. There are quite a few of us, but we don’t get to talk or meet very often, and that in itself can make one feel isolated at times. I’ve received many emails over the years thanking the TLN for being there, like this one from a student in China: “The materials and information you offered encourage me a lot and I am not feeling lonely in what I am doing now.” I love getting these emails because they remind me that the Therapeutic Landscapes Network and Blog do, indeed, make a difference. 

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Research has shown that in the healthcare setting, choice gives people a sense of control, and therefore reduces stress. With that in mind, here are three choices of how you can support this blog. Choose one, and/or two, and/or all three.  All of these options will let others know that you think this blog is important, and will let me know that you want me to keep blogging away. Bet you’re feeling less stressed already!

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Oh, and perhaps it’s time I put a face to the name:

Naomi Sachs, ASLA, Founder and Director, Therapeutic Landscapes Network

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