Nature Heals Conference 2013

A forest of redbud dogwood (Courtesy Henry Domke)

People, Plants, Animals, and the (Re-)connection to Health

The Nature Heals Conference, presented by the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s Nature-Based Therapeutic Services, takes place Thursday and Friday, March 14 and 15 in Chaska, MN. Nature Heals is an annual event and conversation about the neuroscience of human bonds with the natural world, including plant and animal interaction, and the ways that connecting with nature increase individual health and community well-being.

The two-day event will provide participants with new, research-based information to integrate into programming, policy-making, and fundraising in government, corporations, non-profits, social services, healthcare industry, community groups, faith-based organizations, schools and families.

On Thursday, March 15, Nature Heals will feature authors Eva Selhub, Your Brain on Nature, and Meg Olmert, Made for Each Other. The authors will engage in a discussion about their journeys to understand the health impact of nature on humans. On Friday, the University will roll out its new Nature-Based Therapy offerings and the audience will engage with the authors in experiential interactions and conversation about how individual health and community well-being can increase through interaction with plants and animals.

Visit the conference site to learn more about conference workshops, an interactive performance titled, “We Are Stardust” and registration details. Early bird fees apply to those who register before February 28. If you have other questions, please contact the Arboretum Education Department at 952-443-1422 or