Paynseville Area Hospital Foundation Meditation Garden

Jennifer Shinn, Director and Volunteer Coordinator for the Paynesville Area Health Care System recently wrote in about the hospital’s new Meditation Garden, a wonderful example of grassroots community effort. Here’s what she had to say:

“We are a small healthcare facility that has received such wonderful gifts from community members and our landscape designer to make the first phase of our Meditation Garden possible – all through donations! I would like to share a ‘before’ photo so you can better understand the full transformation that has happened here in Paynesville. 

Our staff, healthcare recipients and visitors use this newly reformed space everyday!  Although our plants are ‘newbies,’ the space provides so much more than the original mission sought out to do!  When you visit you are taken away from wherever you are at in your day and brought into a place where you would envision you could revive your inner soul.  

We are so grateful that philanthropy has created this first phase of our Meditation Garden and we are also grateful for Brian Hamer’s (owner/designer, Rock-Heads MN, Inc., vision for our space.  The pictures do not fully capture the beauty…  We have postings on our website at”

The Paynesville Area Health Care System is located in PaynesvilleMN at 200 West First Street.
You can contact Jennifer Shinn directly for more information at 320-243-7938, or email