Feng shui and vastu

Many designers use feng shui and vastu in creating restorative landscapes, often in concert with other techniques.

Vastu is “the design-architecture-sacred space tradition from ancient India that creates a healing, nourishing, supportive effect that radiates into the environment. It requires the use of natural materials, beauty, honoring of nature, and attunement with the directions and the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. It is applicable to landscape and gardens as well as architectural structures.” – Sherri Silverman, Ph.D., Transcendence Design.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese discipline rooted in Taoism. “Feng Shui can…be seen as a creative and intuitive philosophy that blends common sense with prudent design to create a more balanced environment…The practice has developed into a system of holistic design that studies the way in which our surroundings affect our wellbeing, happiness, and success.” – Romy Rawlings, Healing Gardens.

The Feng Shui and Vastu markets have exploded in the last ten years, and we list only a few of the many resources now available. For more comprehensive lists of references, organizations, and other websites, visit some of the links to your right.


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