Spring Has Sprung (and the blog posts have become few and far between…)

This is the problem with running your own design firm and running your own non-profit organization: In the winter, things are relatively manageable and you start a blog, intending to post every day-ish; in the spring, design and supervision of installation takes priority, and the website and blog get shoved to the back burner. Gotta make hay while the sun shines. So, I’ve been neglecting my blog and even got a comment about it! Thank you, Angelina!

I had a great query recently about plant lists for Gardens for the Blind, and I’ve been compiling that list, so look for that in the near future, as well as some good examples of built works. In my research travels I’ve come across a wealth of information about Sensory Gardens in general, and I’ll discuss that aspect of Landscapes for Health, too. Soon, I promise!