Sustainable Sites Initiative draft open for public comment

Image courtesy Sustainable Sites Initiative

If you haven’t yet checked out the Sustainable Sites Initiative, the website is worth a look. Note the Human Health & Well-being component of their mission. They’ve recently released a draft of their latest Guidelines and Performance Benchmarks, and are seeking public comment. Here’s your opportunity to weigh in. See below for more details:

The Sustainable Sites Initiative invites public comment on the new report titled Guidelines and Performance Benchmarks Draft 2008, the most comprehensive set of national guidelines yet developed for the sustainable design, construction and maintenance of landscapes. The report is available for download at, and an online feedback form has been created for users to help improve the guidelines.

These guidelines will enable built landscapes to support natural ecological functions by protecting existing ecosystems and regenerating ecological capacity where it has been lost. The report includes more than 50 prerequisites and credit options that cover everything from initial site selection to construction and maintenance. The report represents thousands of hours with input from 37 technical advisors in hydrology, vegetation, soils, materials and human health and well being. These credits were tailored to apply to any landscape, with our without buildings.