The Highest Praise: A Patient Recommends Woodwinds Health Campus

I got an email last week from someone recommending that Woodwinds Health Campus be added to the Therapeutic Landscapes Database Gardens page. I often get email of this nature, from the landscape architect or someone in marketing, but this was from a patient! Here’s what he wrote:

“I just stumbled upon your web site. I live in Minnesota and my area hospital, Woodwinds Health Campus, is situated in a beautiful wooded area surrounded by SIX “healing gardens” with walking paths and places to stop and meditate. It should certainly be part of your list! And no, I’m not an employee! Just a patient. It feels more like a resort there than a hospital…”
If that’s not high praise for a healthcare facility’s healing garden, I don’t know what is.

I’ll be posting again with more specifics on their gardens soon, (their website gives more information than most healthcare facilities, but I want to know and tell you more) so stay tuned for Woodwinds, Part II.