‘The Salutogenic City’ – Design for Health on a Large Scale

Clare Cooper Marcus and I wrote this article, The Salutogenic City a couple of years ago. It was first published in World Health Design. Clare was, of course, also my co-author for the book Therapeutic Landscapes.

The term ‘salutogenesis’ comes from two Latin words: salus, meaning health, and genesis, meaning origin. It was coined by Aaron Antonovski in 1979. More recently, Alan Dilani, founder of the International Academy of Design and Health, used the term ‘salutogenic design’ to mean design that promotes health and well-being rather than just addressing what is already sick and broken. You could also call it preventive design. This is more of a public health stance than a medical stance and is being widely embraced in healthcare and, thankfully, in design at many scales.

The Salutogenic City